February Birch Box


When I received my February Birch Box in the mail I was excited. I mean this thing was heavy which for Birch Box was a first. I couldn’t wait to dive in. I had no idea what I was getting. I know you can see what you are getting in most subscription boxes but I really love the surprise of it all. Birch Box is $10.00 a month (I bought one year to get one month free), and after you review your products you receive a $5.00 credit. So for me, I consider this a $4.00 a month subscription. Birch Box generally sells high end product which I love. Even though the samples aren’t always huge, they give me a great idea of what to expect when I’m ready to splurge.


Bain de Terre Passion Flower Shampoo and Conditioner. These are what was making my box heavy! The full sizes are $12.00 each. I don’t feel like doing my calculations to figure out the sample values right now but I will say these are big enough to last about 2 weeks. Which I am cool with. I won’t be buying them because although they smell great, they don’t do anything special for my hair.


I also got this small Ruby Wing Color Changing Polish. The full size is $10.00. I am prob going to swap this. I am not a fan of Ruby Wing.


The last 2 items are Joan Vass’s L’eau de Amethsyt ($75.00 full size) perfume and Previse Hydromilk. I don’t mind getting perfume samples in subscription boxes, I may be the only person that doesn’t mind it. I like being able to try out a perfume for a week, see if I get any compliments, and see if it irritates my skin. Then I either pass them on, order a full size, or throw them out. Total win. This was a very strong sweet floral scent that I felt was overpowering. I work in a small office and I’m pretty sure my coworkers senses would be offended by this perfume. I threw this one away. The Hydromilk is a small sample same in size to the Juara Candlenut cream I tried last month. I like getting moisturizer samples but this one is so small it doesn’t give me enough of an idea if I would want to buy the full scent. It covers half a leg. That’s not enough to judge something by or decide to spend $48.00 (!!) on. That’s a lot for moisturizer. I need a better sample to risk spending that kind of cash.

So although this wasn’t my favorite Birch Box, I got to nix a perfume off my try list, swap a polish for one I’d like better, and have 2 weeks of shampoos. Works for me!


January Beauty Box 5


So it’s late February and I am finally reviewing my January Beauty Box 5 box. In my defense, I signed up in February and as part of the promotion I received this January box free of charge and also a discount on a 1 year subscription. That means I will only be paying about $9.00 a box. Usually Beauty Box 5 costs $12.00 and promised 5 deluxe or full size products.

ImageSwissco Bath & Shower Exfoliating Gloves -$5.00. These are wonderful. I’m sure everyone has owned a set at one point. I was due for a new pair so I was so happy to get these.


Jergens Daily Moisture moisturizer -$.33. & H2O Spa Body Wash in Lotus -$1.36. The moisturizer is in my purse because it’s the perfect travel size and is a great moisturizer. I haven’t tried the body wash yet because I have a few to get through first, but it smells amazing and reminds me of summer.


The ‘That Awkward Moment’ Compact is just a small mirror for a movie promotion. I brought it to work and threw it in my desk. I needed a mirror there anyway!

Epic Blend Hemp Coconut Lip Balm -$3.39. When I saw I was getting this I was so excited. I love coconut everything. Then I tried it and hated it because it smelled weird and not what I expected. Now I am completely addicted to it and use it constantly. Weird, huh? It’s easily my favorite lip balm I’ve ever used.

In the box we also received a $5.00 cuticle oil by Nubar, mine is vanilla scented. I must have been pretty excited it about it because I forgot to photograph it and I have been using it daily. lol. I’ll be honest that it hasn’t really done a lot for me and I haven’t seen any results. But keep in mind I live in Wisconsin and it is freezing cold here so my hands are as dry as can be.

All in all, this box was so amazing for me. I realize these are super high end expensive samples, but they are all things I will happily use and I cannot say that about all the expensive stuff I get from other boxes. I especially love this box because it was free. 😉

January Blush Box

It always takes me forever to do a Blush Box review despite the fact that it is usually the first box I receive each month. It’s also the most packed full of goodies. The cost per month is $26.95 with shipping and always has a great value. I must have forgotten to take a first looks picture. Whoops!

The first item I saw when I opened this box is called a Leedee. You can get it for $8.70 on Amazon. This is a tool used to exfoliate the skin while showering. You must use it in water or it won’t work. Either way this didn’t work well for me. I have very little results and it was time consuming but at least not painful. I find using exfoliating gloves to work much better but this was cool to try out.


This is the second Klorane product this month and I am so happy about that! This is a full size leave in cream with desert date. It retails for $16.00 and works so well I am excited that this is full size (4.22 oz!) This will last forever!

And the other product is called Harmonized H2O for digestive health. This is another full sized product (3.38 oz) that retails at $30.00! However.. yeah not so excited to use this. I don’t really need any help in that department and I don’t wanna be poopin my pants. haha. I did try a splash to see what it tasted like and it has no flavor so that is good.. Now that I have it.. nobody better piss me off. I have arsenal. hah!


This is a tiny little Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip Plumper in Toyko. Despite being tiny this lipstick is gorgeous and will last at least a month or 2. I want the full size but it is $25.00!  I can’t justify that considering I have a drawer full of lipstick.

Also included is Goldfaden MD. Wake Up Call Overnight Regenerative Facial Treatment. The full size (1.7 oz) retails for $80.00 but this is a smaller sample at .16 oz. I haven’t tried this yet because I have a bottle of a diff. night cream I’d like to get through first.

ImageI received 2 foils for Cetaphil as a bonus with the purchase and isn’t included in the actual Blush Box, they usually include a foil or small sample each month. Cetaphil is a great tried and true product used by thousands. I really like Cetaphil and have this facial wash in it’s full size. But I am excited to try the lotion with it.

Last and not least is Glytone Essentials Hydrate Eye Cream. This stuff is great and I’ve been using it daily. I really don’t have a lot of lines yet so I couldn’t say if this helps any for that, but it’s a lovely gentle moisturizer for the eyes that has the finest sheen. This is also another full sized item that retails for $38.00!


So as you can see, 4 full sized items, 2  deluxe samples, and a bonus small sample for only $26.95! Considering that the 4 full sized items value came up to almost $100.00 alone, I’d say that’s a pretty amazing deal! I may not use 2 of the items, but the value of the ones I will use far surpasses what I paid.

January PopSugar Must Have Box!

If I could choose only one subscription to have, it would be PopSugar Must Have.  This box features amazing make up, jewelry, body products, accessories, and life style products. There is never anything that I won’t use and some of my favorite things in my home have come from this subscription.


My first look. I always tear into the paper like a kid on Christmas.
ImageThe Juice Generation- 100 Recipes for Fresh Juice and Superfood Smoothies. by Eric Helms, Amely Greeven, and Salma Hayek. This book retails for $15.93 on Amazon. I don’t juice and I do not have a juicer so I was a bit disappointed in this. I know juicing is the new fad but I think I can get just as much nutrition from eatting right. Image

Everyone got a pair of Jack And Lucy Knit Tech Gloves. I can’t find a website or anything about the brand Jack and Lucy (the closest thing is a UK kids clothing brand by that name). Everyone else estimated these gloves to be about $20.00 but I would hardly consider them worth that. I, personally, think tech gloves are ugly. I hate that one discolored finger. i think it looks stupid. But it’s cold here and I need gloves. So I will use them. Next to it is a box of Revlon Marchesa Box of Files that retails for $3.49. I get nail files in boxes constantly and I don’t use them. I bought a mechanical nail file from Avon that is amazing and does the work in half the time. I do keep one on hand at work in case I chip a nail, and one in my purse. But it’s rare I use it so I still have boxes of these. Also, these were offered for free from a website that sends out samples. My sample got lost in the mail otherwise I’d have 2 of these sets!ImageThis is a Malin+Goetz Detox Face mask that retails for $40.00. I really loved this mask. You rub it on your face and it starts puffing up and tingling. After 5 minutes it’s ready to go, clean it off, and my face felt amazing. Wonderful product.ImageAnd something yummy. Pipcorn White Truffle Pipcorn retails for $6.00 a bag. These are the tiniest little popcorn kernels. I thought they were very good but I would never in my life pay $6.00 for a bag of popcorn unless it were sprinkled with gold and unicorns. ImageLast but not least is the Rifle Paper Co 2014 Flip Around The World Desk Calendar that retails for $16.00. At first I was kind of sad because I have 3 calendars already and where the hell was I going to put this one? Then I got the news that I landed a job finally and I realized I can bring this with me and set it up on my desk! Woohoo! Because it is actually very pretty. I love Rifle Paper Co. and I have gotten a set of their coasters in a previous Popsugar box that I use everyday. Their products are well made and whimsical. Buy them.ImageImageSo in general this was not my favorite Popsugar box, but it wasn’t a deal breaker for me. I will try everything and who knows, maybe I’ll become a fanatical juicer. Popsugar Must Have costs $39.95 a month and this box had a value of just over $100. Click the pics to sign up!

January Wantable Intimates!

I have to hand it to my home town. Wantable.com has some of the best and most customizable subscriptions out there. They focus on make up, accessories, and intimates. For $40.00 you can purchase one box, but for $36.00 a month you can subscribe to the service. They have a very detailed style profile that you fill out and you can also give feedback on every item you receive. This was my second box. 

This is the second pair of Pact socks and the exact pair (different color) that I got last month. I do love them though and think they are quite comfortable. And pact is a company that does a lot of good for people, also using organic cotton. These have a value of $8.00. 


It’s kind of sad how excited I was to see a pair of tummy control shorts. But I have needed a new pair and had a job interview the same day I got these. So pretty much.. I felt more comfortable at my job interview. I have a horrible soda addiction so I will admit that right now I have a little tummy issue going on. I must quit! Anyway, these are by Q-T Intimates and retail for $22.00. They are very comfortable and high quality. The lace is pretty also. 



I almost gasped as how pretty this next piece is. It’s a lacy bralet by OnGossamer that retails for $38.00. I was so nervous about getting one of these in my box that I really considered putting it on my dislike list. I have semi big boobs so the thought of not having enough support is kind of frightening. This gave me just enough to keep my girls lifted and in place, and to top it off, I feel kind of sexy in it! On top of that, this is so comfortable. 


And lastly I was looking at my card that was included in the order. It has a list of every product in the box with the retail price. My sheet says I am supposed to have received a $9.00 pair of boy shorts but instead I got these awesome Steve Madden yoga pants that retail for $40.00. Score! These are one of the most comfortable pants ever! So happy for the mistake. I could live in these. In fact, I may.

ImageSo I was very impressed by Wantable Intimates. Everything fit, everything was comfortable, and everything is something that will get a lot of use. If you’d like to join, please click on my pictures because that is my referral link.


January Stitchfix!

Stitch Fix is an amazing service. It’s something I’ve never reviewed before despite the fact that this was my 6th Fix! For $20.00 a month a stylist will pick out clothing and accessories based on your style preferences. That $20.00 goes towards a piece of clothing, but if you do not like your fix, it is not refundable or transferable. The stylists will look at your pinterest boards and also the style profile you fill out on their website. Be as detailed as possible, it’ll only benefit you! You can also pick your price points ranging from “The Cheaper The Better” to $200 a piece. Right now I have mine set to the cheapest price point due to my lack of funds. But I have been pleasantly surprised at the quality of pieces I have gotten! Also, if you keep every item in your fix you get 25% off of the purchase. It makes a huge difference in the final price of your fix!

I will start at the pieces I did not keep.

This is the ‘Benson Striped 3/4  Ruched Sleeve Blazer’ by 41 Hawthorne. I actually thought this was very pretty and totally my style. It didn’t fit and I am pretty sure that I have been sent this piece in the past. The shoulders stuck up funny and it was very tight. Mostly it ended up making my torso look very short. This costs $78.00.


This is the ‘Nadalia Striped Boat Neck Sweater’ by Mak. Again, I loved this but it did not fit. It was very tight and I really prefer my sweaters on the loose side. Had this and the blazer fit looser, this would have been the first time I wanted to keep my entire Fix. The price on this sweater is $58.00.


What was very exciting to me was the pieces I did end up loving pulled together as an entire outfit. I wish it was spring so I could wear this out! I do apologize for the horrible pictures. I tried to lighten them to the best of my ability. It’s been very dark and gloomy lately.


This purse is called the ‘Natasha Stud Detailed Clutch’ by Izzy & Ali. It cost $48.00 and I love that it is a clutch but also came with a nice chain to wear it over the shoulder. It’s stylish and I used it immediately at a job interview.


The pictures of the blouse I received will never do it justice. It’s so simple, light, and flowing.  It is called the ‘Mission 3/4 Sleeve V-Neck Blouse’ by 41 Hawthorne and cost $48.00. This blouse makes me look skinny. There is nothing like a beautiful blouse that slims you to boost your confidence! This is an absolute closet staple.

The jeans are called the ‘Abbey Polka Dot Skinny Jean’ by Denim Blvd. I was so in love with them when I put them on. I have since realized they are incredibly loose. But I can make it work! It’s cold enough right now that I can wear tights underneath comfortably and wear boots over them. I really liked the look with flats too though so I may just have these taken in. They were listed as $58.00 on my pricing sheet but I found out they were mis priced and actually only cost me $48.00! Pleasant surprise!


So had I kept all 5 items, with the 25% discount I would have paid only $190.50 (originally $280.00) but because I only kept 3 I did not get the discount and paid $124.00 after the initial $20.00 styling fee was taken out. Not bad for a full outfit!

Also, you do receive a sheet of different look suggestions for each piece of clothing! They have some great ideas.


Have you tried Stitch Fix yet?

December Ipsy’s Bag

 Welcome to my Ipsy bag for December. Now that I have had time to use these products for a couple of weeks I am better prepared to review them.


The first thing I will review is the thing I thought I would hate. I have received several J Cat items through Ipsy and genuinely hated them. Like to the point of wanting to write them a letter expressing my frustration in their products.  This J Cat Beauty ‘The Big Lip Pencil’ retails for $3.99. It looks bright but when applied to the lips is a nice almost neutral shade that is a tiny bit rosy. It is moisturizing and I absolutely love it.


Image credit: J cat Beauty’s website. Please click the pic to view it.

I also received Be A Bombshell’s ‘The One Stick’ in Sunset. This all in one stick can be used on your eyelids, lips, or cheeks.  Now, I’m not sure that I would use this on my eye lids but it works very well to give you rosy cheeks. I also even like it on my lips! This retails for $16.00.


Image Credit: Be A Bombshell’s website. Click the pic to view it.

Here are swatches of the above to items. The top is with flash, the bottom is without flash. The top product is the all in one stick, and the bottom is the lip crayon.



I also received this Pop Beauty Cosmetic’s eye shadow palette in ‘Bright Up Your Life’. I’m not sure the value exactly because the real palette is much larger but I will value it at $7.21 based not that palette. I was so happy to get this trio because the other was grey, silver, and white. These colors are nice, not highly pigmented, and would never compare to my UD Naked palette, but I will wear them! The swatches below are horrible but were the best I could get. It was starting to get dark out and my cam wouldn’t focus.


ImageI also got this Mirabella Eye Blender Brush. It retails for $27.00! It’s beautiful and very heavy. Prob my prettiest brush I own. It is used to blend your eyeshadows to create a more fluid look. For me, I’m ehhhh about this brush. The bristles are so long it is awkward for me to use. I am so close to trimming it but I am not sure if that would ruin it.


Image Credit: Mirabella Beauty’s website. Click to view.

Last but not least is Nicka K’s nail polish in ‘Ripe Apple’. I couldn’t find a picture of the bottle itself but I did do my nails in this color so that’s pretty good, right!? It retails for $4.99 which is quite inexpensive for polish these days. I thought the color was stunning but even with a base, 2 coats, and top coat it started chipping within 2 hours. Had it not been for that, I would have been hooked on this brand. The application was flawless and I hope maybe next time it’ll be chip free. I will keep trying because I want to love this.


So December’s bag retailed for $59.19! Did you know Ipsy only costs $10.00 per month!? I mean, that is pretty amazing. They are the only beauty subscription that consistently sends enough make up each month to create an entire look with. And I think this month’s bag was curated beautifully. The deep reds and golds were holiday appropriate and I loved everything.

Please use my link to sign up for Ipsy. For each person that signs up you receive IpsyPoints good towards additional products. You can also review each product you receive for points each month! Thank you!