My Name Necklace



In February’s Beauty Box 5 there was a $10.00 code for and usually most codes given in subscription boxes aren’t worth it but I always try to check them out just in case! The $10.00 code went a long way this time. I was able to get a necklace for only $7.95 shipped. And it’s Barbie pink. 

I couldn’t resist.



This necklace came in the cutest box, shipped quickly and for free, and was really well made! Very happy for the code and the opportunity to rock this!


January Beauty Box 5


So it’s late February and I am finally reviewing my January Beauty Box 5 box. In my defense, I signed up in February and as part of the promotion I received this January box free of charge and also a discount on a 1 year subscription. That means I will only be paying about $9.00 a box. Usually Beauty Box 5 costs $12.00 and promised 5 deluxe or full size products.

ImageSwissco Bath & Shower Exfoliating Gloves -$5.00. These are wonderful. I’m sure everyone has owned a set at one point. I was due for a new pair so I was so happy to get these.


Jergens Daily Moisture moisturizer -$.33. & H2O Spa Body Wash in Lotus -$1.36. The moisturizer is in my purse because it’s the perfect travel size and is a great moisturizer. I haven’t tried the body wash yet because I have a few to get through first, but it smells amazing and reminds me of summer.


The ‘That Awkward Moment’ Compact is just a small mirror for a movie promotion. I brought it to work and threw it in my desk. I needed a mirror there anyway!

Epic Blend Hemp Coconut Lip Balm -$3.39. When I saw I was getting this I was so excited. I love coconut everything. Then I tried it and hated it because it smelled weird and not what I expected. Now I am completely addicted to it and use it constantly. Weird, huh? It’s easily my favorite lip balm I’ve ever used.

In the box we also received a $5.00 cuticle oil by Nubar, mine is vanilla scented. I must have been pretty excited it about it because I forgot to photograph it and I have been using it daily. lol. I’ll be honest that it hasn’t really done a lot for me and I haven’t seen any results. But keep in mind I live in Wisconsin and it is freezing cold here so my hands are as dry as can be.

All in all, this box was so amazing for me. I realize these are super high end expensive samples, but they are all things I will happily use and I cannot say that about all the expensive stuff I get from other boxes. I especially love this box because it was free. 😉