February Beauty Box 5


This is my 2nd month with Beauty Box 5. It was a subscription that I was never really that wowed by before, but recently it seemed they’ve been featuring brands and products I enjoy. I purchased a one year subscription to save some money. Normally BB5 is $12.00 a month. You can click on my pictures to be taken to their site.


John Freida Touchably Full Shampoo’s & Conditioner’s. I don’t see value in these because I get tons of them free. But I do have a few weekend trips planned and these will be perfect to pack along.


Rockstar Nail Polish and Nail Polish Sprinkles. I also don’t see a lot of value here because I have heard such bad things about this set. I haven’t used it, and honestly.. it’s going in the swap pile. I love the color, but that is all.


This Aveeno Lavender Body Wash is already gone. I loved it. It was so relaxing and I need it in my life always. I will for sure be buying the full sized bottle. The mascara I have tried from Birch Box I believe in the past. I remember really liking it.


BB5 included a $10.00 off voucher for a personalized necklace. I wasn’t excited at first cause usually that means spending a ton more money. I had one box send me a $25.00 gift card and when I went to the site the cheapest item was $215.00! Well, this was different and I only had to pay shipping which was inexpensive! I wanna say maybe $7.00? If that.


It came in the cutest little box!


I know. It’s gaudy. But I freaking love it. I had to go with the neon Barbie pink.. had to. I’m so excited to wear this! hah.


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