February Birch Box


When I received my February Birch Box in the mail I was excited. I mean this thing was heavy which for Birch Box was a first. I couldn’t wait to dive in. I had no idea what I was getting. I know you can see what you are getting in most subscription boxes but I really love the surprise of it all. Birch Box is $10.00 a month (I bought one year to get one month free), and after you review your products you receive a $5.00 credit. So for me, I consider this a $4.00 a month subscription. Birch Box generally sells high end product which I love. Even though the samples aren’t always huge, they give me a great idea of what to expect when I’m ready to splurge.


Bain de Terre Passion Flower Shampoo and Conditioner. These are what was making my box heavy! The full sizes are $12.00 each. I don’t feel like doing my calculations to figure out the sample values right now but I will say these are big enough to last about 2 weeks. Which I am cool with. I won’t be buying them because although they smell great, they don’t do anything special for my hair.


I also got this small Ruby Wing Color Changing Polish. The full size is $10.00. I am prob going to swap this. I am not a fan of Ruby Wing.


The last 2 items are Joan Vass’s L’eau de Amethsyt ($75.00 full size) perfume and Previse Hydromilk. I don’t mind getting perfume samples in subscription boxes, I may be the only person that doesn’t mind it. I like being able to try out a perfume for a week, see if I get any compliments, and see if it irritates my skin. Then I either pass them on, order a full size, or throw them out. Total win. This was a very strong sweet floral scent that I felt was overpowering. I work in a small office and I’m pretty sure my coworkers senses would be offended by this perfume. I threw this one away. The Hydromilk is a small sample same in size to the Juara Candlenut cream I tried last month. I like getting moisturizer samples but this one is so small it doesn’t give me enough of an idea if I would want to buy the full scent. It covers half a leg. That’s not enough to judge something by or decide to spend $48.00 (!!) on. That’s a lot for moisturizer. I need a better sample to risk spending that kind of cash.

So although this wasn’t my favorite Birch Box, I got to nix a perfume off my try list, swap a polish for one I’d like better, and have 2 weeks of shampoos. Works for me!


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