January Beauty Box 5


So it’s late February and I am finally reviewing my January Beauty Box 5 box. In my defense, I signed up in February and as part of the promotion I received this January box free of charge and also a discount on a 1 year subscription. That means I will only be paying about $9.00 a box. Usually Beauty Box 5 costs $12.00 and promised 5 deluxe or full size products.

ImageSwissco Bath & Shower Exfoliating Gloves -$5.00. These are wonderful. I’m sure everyone has owned a set at one point. I was due for a new pair so I was so happy to get these.


Jergens Daily Moisture moisturizer -$.33. & H2O Spa Body Wash in Lotus -$1.36. The moisturizer is in my purse because it’s the perfect travel size and is a great moisturizer. I haven’t tried the body wash yet because I have a few to get through first, but it smells amazing and reminds me of summer.


The ‘That Awkward Moment’ Compact is just a small mirror for a movie promotion. I brought it to work and threw it in my desk. I needed a mirror there anyway!

Epic Blend Hemp Coconut Lip Balm -$3.39. When I saw I was getting this I was so excited. I love coconut everything. Then I tried it and hated it because it smelled weird and not what I expected. Now I am completely addicted to it and use it constantly. Weird, huh? It’s easily my favorite lip balm I’ve ever used.

In the box we also received a $5.00 cuticle oil by Nubar, mine is vanilla scented. I must have been pretty excited it about it because I forgot to photograph it and I have been using it daily. lol. I’ll be honest that it hasn’t really done a lot for me and I haven’t seen any results. But keep in mind I live in Wisconsin and it is freezing cold here so my hands are as dry as can be.

All in all, this box was so amazing for me. I realize these are super high end expensive samples, but they are all things I will happily use and I cannot say that about all the expensive stuff I get from other boxes. I especially love this box because it was free. 😉


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