February Julep Maven


Julep’s choice window opens the 20th of the month.  Julep Maven is $19.99 a month that covers usually 2 polishes and 1 beauty product, or 3 polishes. There are tons of upgrades and add-on’s which I won’t even begin to get into. For February I chose to upgrade to receive all of the polishes but no beauty products. 


This was a bonus polish for Valentine’s Day called Love. I wore this and it lasted 3 days with no chips. For me that is good because I am rough on my nails! It is one of the most beautiful colors I own.


These colors are Cameron, Rooney, and Kristen. The stardust finish polishes are phenomenal. I have not tried the other two yet but I love all the colors from this collection.


These colors are Judi, Greta, and Octavia. I was super excited to try Octavia (in the middle) because in the bottle it looks like a bright indigo/bluish/bright purple mix. But on the nails..not so much. It’s just navy blue. I was kind of sad.


These colors are Diamond Theory, Glam Rock, and Roc Solid. Again, the stardust finish polish was just everything. I want every single one. No jokes. The other colors were gorgeous as well.

I used to hate Julep. I had ordered several mystery boxes from them and it was clear that the polishes sent were the ones no one wanted. I was so disappointed in the horrible choices that I boycotted Julep for a very long time. Then they came out with a mystery box that had a great deal on it, making it inexpensive. I thought it was worth one more shot, and they really pulled it off. They introduced 2 new amazing colors, and had fitting polishes to match the boxes theme. Since then I have reopened my subscription and I have been very happy with the choices.


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