My 7th Fix

Wow.  I cannot believe I have been with Stitch Fix for 7 months! I’m going to make this a short post because I only took a couple pictures. This month I did something different. I changed all of my price points to be ‘The Cheaper The Better’, usually I have them set at between $100-$150 per item. The biggest difference is that I received all shirts. I usually get an accessory, bottom, and 3 tops.

I can tell the difference. I’ve already changed my price points back to where they were. I did end up keeping this entire fix, but mostly because it was so inexpensive and the 25% discount made some of the items free. 


My first look was.. not exciting.


Caramela- ‘Bateman Printed Mix Material Top’ $28.00

This actually looks cute on! It’s retro but I really like it.

Image41 Hawthorne- ‘Dellora V-Neck Bird Printed Blouse’ $28.00

I love the print and design but boy is this shirt cheap feeling. I have to wear a cardigan over it or it looks horrid.

Image Mystree – ‘Donallan Striped Button-Up Cardigan’ $48.00

This is ugly. Yes, I know. But it cost nothing. It’s okay to wear around the house.

ImageKut From The Kloth- ‘Warhol Polka Dot Button-Up Blouse’ $28.00

I was surprised this is only $28.00. It’s so cute! Very comfortable.


Olive & Oak- ‘Mulliken Raglan Striped Knit Shirt’ $48.00

This is my fave item in the box. It’s so soft I could live in it. 

So as I said, I kept everything. With the discount I only paid 110.00 which I think is fair.

I would also like to mention that I have my preferences set to only neutral colors and blue. When I had every color selection open I was getting so many weird colored/printed things I wasn’t happy with. I really have been pretty picky about my fixes.

Stitch Fix costs $20.00 a month, which goes towards your total for clothing. Go ahead, try it!


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