January Empties!

I have never done an empties post before. The thought of not throwing away empties was kind of gross at first. But now looking at all these used products, I feel accomplished and proud. Weird. I also feel more motivated to use up the things I have.

Therapro Mediceuticals Scalp Therapies has a 3 part system to help dandruff and psoriasis. Last winter was rough, it was cold and dry in Wisconsin and I had such a bad dandruff problem. It was embarrassing! This set cost me $36.54 which I consider a lot. And it barely helped. As you can see there is a little conditioner left which I will finish off tonight. Don’t waste your money on this set!


NCLA Designer Nail Wraps  in Peppermint Lane- $16.00. These were great and I loved them for my Christmas nail look. This pack gave me two manicures.

Shiseido Pureness Oil-Control Blotting Papers -$1.85 for 10 sheets. I don’t remember where I got these from. I forgot I had them and finally over a year later have used them up. The full size is 100 sheets for $18.50. These work fine but you I’ve never had an oil blotting sheet that didn’t work fine.


Biofreeze Pain Reliever is an amazing product for pain relief. I received several of these samples from my chiropractor. She rubs this product on my neck to sooth my muscles before she starts the cracking. And now I use it at home as well.

Proactiv Mark Fading Sheets were in January’s Ipsy bag. We were only given 4 to try so I can’t vouch for it’s results.

Chocolate and Strawberry Facial Clay Mask  travel size -$1.99. Ipsy sent 3 paper facial masks a few months ago and with it they included a promo code for a 20 pack of facial masks with a free full sized product for only $20.00. I snapped that up fast! I got to try every mask they make and this was one of my faves. I will absolutely buy the full size. This is purifying and calmed my skin down while smelling like heaven.


Dickenson’s Witch Hazel Oil Controling Towelettes were included in Allure’s summer beauty box- $7.99. They come in boxes of 20. They are okay. I wasn’t too fond of the smell but they were calming and did take off most of my make up.

Juara Candlenut Body Creme was included in January’s Birch Box. The sample didn’t even cover one leg so I have no opinion on this brand.

LA Face Deflection Day Cream with SPF 30- I cannot remember for the life of me where this sample came from. The full size is a whopping $84.00! This was lovely but I can’t justify spending that much on face cream. At least not until I’m old.


L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream  is a staple in just about everyone’s purse. I love the smell and everything about it pretty much.  The full size is $28.00.

Skin&Co Truffle Body Gel -$9.00 for 2 oz. I got this with the accompanying moisturizer in my Escape box last month. It’s lovely. I also have the Truffle Face Sereum so I have the whole set! I really love the warm autumn scent of this set.

Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream -$12.60. This came in a Glossy Box I believe. It’s pretty awesome but does turn my face pink? Almost in irritation but it calms down pretty fast. It smells like cucumbers. I love this company but prob shouldn’t buy a product that irritates my skin even if I like it anyway!

NYL Organic Whipped Hand and Body Lotion- Um Hi yes buy this. I got this from Beauty Army and is the best product I’ve tried from them. This is chemical free, vegan, cruelty free, etc. And it smells so light and airy. I need this in my life as a constant. I also enjoyed that they wrote an expiration date on it, pushing me to use this more often. The full size is $34.00 but totally worth it!!

The orange scented Details Bath and Body Moisturizer was a birthday gift from a friend. It’s a brand sold at Wal-Greens and is so amazing smelling!! Not a high end brand but it sure smelled like one. I was in love with it!


I went through so much more than I thought! Woohoo. And I’m so happy to have found the brand NYL. They are a new favorite.


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