January Blush Box

It always takes me forever to do a Blush Box review despite the fact that it is usually the first box I receive each month. It’s also the most packed full of goodies. The cost per month is $26.95 with shipping and always has a great value. I must have forgotten to take a first looks picture. Whoops!

The first item I saw when I opened this box is called a Leedee. You can get it for $8.70 on Amazon. This is a tool used to exfoliate the skin while showering. You must use it in water or it won’t work. Either way this didn’t work well for me. I have very little results and it was time consuming but at least not painful. I find using exfoliating gloves to work much better but this was cool to try out.


This is the second Klorane product this month and I am so happy about that! This is a full size leave in cream with desert date. It retails for $16.00 and works so well I am excited that this is full size (4.22 oz!) This will last forever!

And the other product is called Harmonized H2O for digestive health. This is another full sized product (3.38 oz) that retails at $30.00! However.. yeah not so excited to use this. I don’t really need any help in that department and I don’t wanna be poopin my pants. haha. I did try a splash to see what it tasted like and it has no flavor so that is good.. Now that I have it.. nobody better piss me off. I have arsenal. hah!


This is a tiny little Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip Plumper in Toyko. Despite being tiny this lipstick is gorgeous and will last at least a month or 2. I want the full size but it is $25.00!  I can’t justify that considering I have a drawer full of lipstick.

Also included is Goldfaden MD. Wake Up Call Overnight Regenerative Facial Treatment. The full size (1.7 oz) retails for $80.00 but this is a smaller sample at .16 oz. I haven’t tried this yet because I have a bottle of a diff. night cream I’d like to get through first.

ImageI received 2 foils for Cetaphil as a bonus with the purchase and isn’t included in the actual Blush Box, they usually include a foil or small sample each month. Cetaphil is a great tried and true product used by thousands. I really like Cetaphil and have this facial wash in it’s full size. But I am excited to try the lotion with it.

Last and not least is Glytone Essentials Hydrate Eye Cream. This stuff is great and I’ve been using it daily. I really don’t have a lot of lines yet so I couldn’t say if this helps any for that, but it’s a lovely gentle moisturizer for the eyes that has the finest sheen. This is also another full sized item that retails for $38.00!


So as you can see, 4 full sized items, 2  deluxe samples, and a bonus small sample for only $26.95! Considering that the 4 full sized items value came up to almost $100.00 alone, I’d say that’s a pretty amazing deal! I may not use 2 of the items, but the value of the ones I will use far surpasses what I paid.


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