January PopSugar Must Have Box!

If I could choose only one subscription to have, it would be PopSugar Must Have.  This box features amazing make up, jewelry, body products, accessories, and life style products. There is never anything that I won’t use and some of my favorite things in my home have come from this subscription.


My first look. I always tear into the paper like a kid on Christmas.
ImageThe Juice Generation- 100 Recipes for Fresh Juice and Superfood Smoothies. by Eric Helms, Amely Greeven, and Salma Hayek. This book retails for $15.93 on Amazon. I don’t juice and I do not have a juicer so I was a bit disappointed in this. I know juicing is the new fad but I think I can get just as much nutrition from eatting right. Image

Everyone got a pair of Jack And Lucy Knit Tech Gloves. I can’t find a website or anything about the brand Jack and Lucy (the closest thing is a UK kids clothing brand by that name). Everyone else estimated these gloves to be about $20.00 but I would hardly consider them worth that. I, personally, think tech gloves are ugly. I hate that one discolored finger. i think it looks stupid. But it’s cold here and I need gloves. So I will use them. Next to it is a box of Revlon Marchesa Box of Files that retails for $3.49. I get nail files in boxes constantly and I don’t use them. I bought a mechanical nail file from Avon that is amazing and does the work in half the time. I do keep one on hand at work in case I chip a nail, and one in my purse. But it’s rare I use it so I still have boxes of these. Also, these were offered for free from a website that sends out samples. My sample got lost in the mail otherwise I’d have 2 of these sets!ImageThis is a Malin+Goetz Detox Face mask that retails for $40.00. I really loved this mask. You rub it on your face and it starts puffing up and tingling. After 5 minutes it’s ready to go, clean it off, and my face felt amazing. Wonderful product.ImageAnd something yummy. Pipcorn White Truffle Pipcorn retails for $6.00 a bag. These are the tiniest little popcorn kernels. I thought they were very good but I would never in my life pay $6.00 for a bag of popcorn unless it were sprinkled with gold and unicorns. ImageLast but not least is the Rifle Paper Co 2014 Flip Around The World Desk Calendar that retails for $16.00. At first I was kind of sad because I have 3 calendars already and where the hell was I going to put this one? Then I got the news that I landed a job finally and I realized I can bring this with me and set it up on my desk! Woohoo! Because it is actually very pretty. I love Rifle Paper Co. and I have gotten a set of their coasters in a previous Popsugar box that I use everyday. Their products are well made and whimsical. Buy them.ImageImageSo in general this was not my favorite Popsugar box, but it wasn’t a deal breaker for me. I will try everything and who knows, maybe I’ll become a fanatical juicer. Popsugar Must Have costs $39.95 a month and this box had a value of just over $100. Click the pics to sign up!

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