January Wantable Intimates!

I have to hand it to my home town. Wantable.com has some of the best and most customizable subscriptions out there. They focus on make up, accessories, and intimates. For $40.00 you can purchase one box, but for $36.00 a month you can subscribe to the service. They have a very detailed style profile that you fill out and you can also give feedback on every item you receive. This was my second box. 

This is the second pair of Pact socks and the exact pair (different color) that I got last month. I do love them though and think they are quite comfortable. And pact is a company that does a lot of good for people, also using organic cotton. These have a value of $8.00. 


It’s kind of sad how excited I was to see a pair of tummy control shorts. But I have needed a new pair and had a job interview the same day I got these. So pretty much.. I felt more comfortable at my job interview. I have a horrible soda addiction so I will admit that right now I have a little tummy issue going on. I must quit! Anyway, these are by Q-T Intimates and retail for $22.00. They are very comfortable and high quality. The lace is pretty also. 



I almost gasped as how pretty this next piece is. It’s a lacy bralet by OnGossamer that retails for $38.00. I was so nervous about getting one of these in my box that I really considered putting it on my dislike list. I have semi big boobs so the thought of not having enough support is kind of frightening. This gave me just enough to keep my girls lifted and in place, and to top it off, I feel kind of sexy in it! On top of that, this is so comfortable. 


And lastly I was looking at my card that was included in the order. It has a list of every product in the box with the retail price. My sheet says I am supposed to have received a $9.00 pair of boy shorts but instead I got these awesome Steve Madden yoga pants that retail for $40.00. Score! These are one of the most comfortable pants ever! So happy for the mistake. I could live in these. In fact, I may.

ImageSo I was very impressed by Wantable Intimates. Everything fit, everything was comfortable, and everything is something that will get a lot of use. If you’d like to join, please click on my pictures because that is my referral link.



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