January Stitchfix!

Stitch Fix is an amazing service. It’s something I’ve never reviewed before despite the fact that this was my 6th Fix! For $20.00 a month a stylist will pick out clothing and accessories based on your style preferences. That $20.00 goes towards a piece of clothing, but if you do not like your fix, it is not refundable or transferable. The stylists will look at your pinterest boards and also the style profile you fill out on their website. Be as detailed as possible, it’ll only benefit you! You can also pick your price points ranging from “The Cheaper The Better” to $200 a piece. Right now I have mine set to the cheapest price point due to my lack of funds. But I have been pleasantly surprised at the quality of pieces I have gotten! Also, if you keep every item in your fix you get 25% off of the purchase. It makes a huge difference in the final price of your fix!

I will start at the pieces I did not keep.

This is the ‘Benson Striped 3/4  Ruched Sleeve Blazer’ by 41 Hawthorne. I actually thought this was very pretty and totally my style. It didn’t fit and I am pretty sure that I have been sent this piece in the past. The shoulders stuck up funny and it was very tight. Mostly it ended up making my torso look very short. This costs $78.00.


This is the ‘Nadalia Striped Boat Neck Sweater’ by Mak. Again, I loved this but it did not fit. It was very tight and I really prefer my sweaters on the loose side. Had this and the blazer fit looser, this would have been the first time I wanted to keep my entire Fix. The price on this sweater is $58.00.


What was very exciting to me was the pieces I did end up loving pulled together as an entire outfit. I wish it was spring so I could wear this out! I do apologize for the horrible pictures. I tried to lighten them to the best of my ability. It’s been very dark and gloomy lately.


This purse is called the ‘Natasha Stud Detailed Clutch’ by Izzy & Ali. It cost $48.00 and I love that it is a clutch but also came with a nice chain to wear it over the shoulder. It’s stylish and I used it immediately at a job interview.


The pictures of the blouse I received will never do it justice. It’s so simple, light, and flowing.  It is called the ‘Mission 3/4 Sleeve V-Neck Blouse’ by 41 Hawthorne and cost $48.00. This blouse makes me look skinny. There is nothing like a beautiful blouse that slims you to boost your confidence! This is an absolute closet staple.

The jeans are called the ‘Abbey Polka Dot Skinny Jean’ by Denim Blvd. I was so in love with them when I put them on. I have since realized they are incredibly loose. But I can make it work! It’s cold enough right now that I can wear tights underneath comfortably and wear boots over them. I really liked the look with flats too though so I may just have these taken in. They were listed as $58.00 on my pricing sheet but I found out they were mis priced and actually only cost me $48.00! Pleasant surprise!


So had I kept all 5 items, with the 25% discount I would have paid only $190.50 (originally $280.00) but because I only kept 3 I did not get the discount and paid $124.00 after the initial $20.00 styling fee was taken out. Not bad for a full outfit!

Also, you do receive a sheet of different look suggestions for each piece of clothing! They have some great ideas.


Have you tried Stitch Fix yet?


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