Escape Monthly’s Holiday Box

I made the mistake of buying Escape Monthly’s Holiday box that they had been promoting through December. I think this cost $39.95. I don’t remember exactly. And I am not going to go into much detail because quite frankly I thought this box was garbage. But here are some pictures for you.

The first look was promising and the tissue paper was the only thing “Holiday” about the box.


First look at the contents. I knew I wasn’t going to be happy.


Some kind of health drink. It tastes okay.


Came with a few packets of hot chocolate. They were good. This basil olive oil is also quite good.



I haven’t tried any of these because they sound pretty bad and I will probably have an allergic reaction.


Having these in the box pissed me off because I know they are free and I got dozens last year off of Facebook.


A book on traveling that has very iffy reviews on Amazon. People say this guy goes into political rants and stuff. Just not my thing.


I will say this mustard bath soak is pretty awesome. There’s also some salve, lip balm, and essential oil.


So that’s it folks. I really dislike this box for the main reason that Escape Monthly boasts their products from around the world. But really this doesn’t scream global to me. At all. And besides the hot cocoa and chocolate bar, there is nothing Holiday about this. They could have included an ornament from somewhere in the world.. ANYTHING.. there are so many options for Holiday items! This to me was like.. a box of health shit that if I wanted I would go to a health food store and buy for myself. I really thought this whole box was a joke. And I don’t think this warrants a $39.95 charge. Blah. I canceled my Escape Monthly subscription after seeing this.



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