Escape Monthly December’s Box – Italy

FIrst look. I didn’t take pictures of every item. The box of cookies in the corner was large and everyone got a different variation. The kind I got were made of almond paste with maraschino cherries. They were horrible. They tasted like a musty basement and had a very gritty kitty litter texture. I also received two books, one on living abroad in Italy, and one on the Provence of Terni Umbria. I enjoy the provence book because it’s filled with beautiful photos. I feel like all the other books I’ve gotten from this subscription are so stuffed with words, when really when I see travel guides, I want tons of pictures. I want to know what I am going to see when I visit! Reading about it isn’t the same to me. Is that weird? Image

I made Christmas cookies with this. It tastes like Nutella. Good to dip pretzels in.


These olives were delicious. They had the pits in them so I had to chew around those.


This Skin Co Truffle Body Wash and Lotion is really nice. Very mild and sweet smelling. I had received their skin care serum in my December Birch Box so these added to the set. This is quite an expensive brand of skin care.


These chocolates were to die for but there were only two! How sad. This olive oil is quite good.


So I have since canceled my subscription to Escape Monthly. I have a sour taste in my mouth because of something that happened with them. I joined Escape Monthly because they ran a promotion that was very shortly ran, for new customers, to get the subscription for $29.95 for the life of your subscription. (It is normally $49.95). I was all on board for that. For that price, I could justify buying this!

BUT.. after the first month I was charged $49.95. When I complained and explained the promotion I got a $10.00 refund and they began charging me $39.95 a month. That isn’t what I signed up for. That, my friends, is bull. That is a scam in my book. I signed up fair and square and to take that discount away and act like you are doing me a favor by only charging $39.95 is still.. bull.


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