December Ipsy’s Bag

 Welcome to my Ipsy bag for December. Now that I have had time to use these products for a couple of weeks I am better prepared to review them.


The first thing I will review is the thing I thought I would hate. I have received several J Cat items through Ipsy and genuinely hated them. Like to the point of wanting to write them a letter expressing my frustration in their products.  This J Cat Beauty ‘The Big Lip Pencil’ retails for $3.99. It looks bright but when applied to the lips is a nice almost neutral shade that is a tiny bit rosy. It is moisturizing and I absolutely love it.


Image credit: J cat Beauty’s website. Please click the pic to view it.

I also received Be A Bombshell’s ‘The One Stick’ in Sunset. This all in one stick can be used on your eyelids, lips, or cheeks.  Now, I’m not sure that I would use this on my eye lids but it works very well to give you rosy cheeks. I also even like it on my lips! This retails for $16.00.


Image Credit: Be A Bombshell’s website. Click the pic to view it.

Here are swatches of the above to items. The top is with flash, the bottom is without flash. The top product is the all in one stick, and the bottom is the lip crayon.



I also received this Pop Beauty Cosmetic’s eye shadow palette in ‘Bright Up Your Life’. I’m not sure the value exactly because the real palette is much larger but I will value it at $7.21 based not that palette. I was so happy to get this trio because the other was grey, silver, and white. These colors are nice, not highly pigmented, and would never compare to my UD Naked palette, but I will wear them! The swatches below are horrible but were the best I could get. It was starting to get dark out and my cam wouldn’t focus.


ImageI also got this Mirabella Eye Blender Brush. It retails for $27.00! It’s beautiful and very heavy. Prob my prettiest brush I own. It is used to blend your eyeshadows to create a more fluid look. For me, I’m ehhhh about this brush. The bristles are so long it is awkward for me to use. I am so close to trimming it but I am not sure if that would ruin it.


Image Credit: Mirabella Beauty’s website. Click to view.

Last but not least is Nicka K’s nail polish in ‘Ripe Apple’. I couldn’t find a picture of the bottle itself but I did do my nails in this color so that’s pretty good, right!? It retails for $4.99 which is quite inexpensive for polish these days. I thought the color was stunning but even with a base, 2 coats, and top coat it started chipping within 2 hours. Had it not been for that, I would have been hooked on this brand. The application was flawless and I hope maybe next time it’ll be chip free. I will keep trying because I want to love this.


So December’s bag retailed for $59.19! Did you know Ipsy only costs $10.00 per month!? I mean, that is pretty amazing. They are the only beauty subscription that consistently sends enough make up each month to create an entire look with. And I think this month’s bag was curated beautifully. The deep reds and golds were holiday appropriate and I loved everything.

Please use my link to sign up for Ipsy. For each person that signs up you receive IpsyPoints good towards additional products. You can also review each product you receive for points each month! Thank you!


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