Have you ever visited ? You absolutely should and create an account. I discovered Vault when they ran a promotion about a year ago that allowed you a $25.00 credit with no minimum purchase when you create an account. And shipping is always free.  Of course I took advantage of this and immediately got a beautiful and better yet, free tank top. 

Something I didn’t expect by having an account with them? Every other month or so they credit my account with up to $25.00. When I say account, mind you, I don’t get spam from them. In fact, the only time I really get an e-mail is when they notify that I have a credit. Usually these credits do have a minimum purchase of $35.00 but still.. that makes an item only $10.00 total!  

Here are items that I have gotten as a result of all of my credits. 



                                                                      Choke company ‘Deerhead’ tee -$26.00 Paid- $5.00 These tee’s are somewhat small but I would recommend anyone order from the Choke line. They are very high quality cute designs. Just order a size up!



Choke Company ‘Anchor’ raglan shirt $35.00. Paid $10.00.  This shirt is one of my faves in my closet. It’s true to size. Such gorgeous material, bright in color, and I get compliments all the time on it! 


Kohana Skin- Bamboo, Lemongrass, Coconut Milk, and Honey Lotion 8 oz. $17.00 Paid- $5.00.  

This is easily my favorite moisturizer right now. If you have ever tried Suki’s Lemon Sugar Scrub, that is what this smells like to a T. 


Curbside ‘Great Horned Owl’ tee $30.00. Paid $5.00. Another beautiful tee shirt. Again, I’d say order a size up. But I would say that on any women’s fitted tee. I hate when they dig into my arm pits. hah.  



Burnetie ‘Backdrop’ Women’s Sneakers $39.00. Paid $14.00. For 14 bucks.. can’t complain! I wear these to do house and yard work in. They are even kind of cute! 


Smith and Chang “Patria Forest Bath Salt’ $20.00. Paid $7.50. Birchbox has recently begun selling their products on it’s site. They are very high quality but this did dye my bathtub black..and my skin. :/


Smith and Chang’s ‘Kumquat Blossom Bar Soap Set’ – $18.00. Paid $7.50. This came with 2 bar soaps. The packaging is exquisite and these smell like heaven. I hated opening one. I still have the other left.

Okay I’m going to stop now because I could go on for days about all the money I have saved on this site. Sometimes when they send me these credits I feel so guilty! Because I don’t really ever spend a lot more than the minimum purchase amount. And with the shipping always being free.. it’s really such amazing deals. Oh wait.. one last one.


Naked Decor ‘Japanese Lucky Cat Pillow’ Originally $50.00, On sale for $37.50. Paid $12.50. Okay.. $12.50.. seriously!? Why aren’t you signed up already!? This pillow is so cute and the back is even cuter! It has a big cat face on it. Oh yes, you can use your credits on sale items.

Also, click the pictures to be taken to where you can purchase these for yourself.

That is all. 


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