December’s Wantable Intimates Box

This is my first Wantable box ever! I have been seeing reviews for their boxes for the last year and I am surprised I hadn’t signed up sooner. I’m very much considering their make-up box but as I’ve said before, funds are a bit low right now. Something I found out also is that Wantable is a company based in Milwaukee, WI. My home town! So that is pretty awesome. You better believe I was searching their website high and low for a career opportunities section. (There is  

Anyway. You can try this box for a one time fee of $40.00 or opt for the monthly subscription price of $36.00. You can sign up right here 

My first glimpse.


I will say I signed up for this box in hopes that I would get the pair of Mukluk slippers I saw so many people receiving. So I pretty much jumped out of my skin when I saw them sitting in front of me. I threw out the piece of paper with the prices on it. I do remember my grand total was $78.00 for all for pieces. So I believe these slippers ended up being about an $18.00 value. I will also say that they began falling apart within 2 hours. The yarn that connects the bottom non skid black part to the rest of the sock came undone. Image

I also got these peach pointelle socks I had seen people complaining about. They are tiny but I have small feet so it’s okay! They have holes which is what people were complaining about. I think they are adorable, well made, and they breathe. And sometimes that is a good thing! You ever have those nights where one minute you are freezing and the next you’re sweating bullets? I had one of those last week and these socks made it a tiny bit more bearable. I don’t remember the price but I want to say around $8.00.


Then I got these adorable boy shorts by Steve Madden. They are super stretchy and bright colored. They are so comfortable. I love them. I think the value was around $12.00. 



And lastly there is this hooded shirt. It’s not a sweatshirt but rather a thicker shirt. I remember the price being something like $38.00 and I was laughing because I honestly think I could have found this for around $5.00 on a Wal-Mart clearance rack. The brand is called Bella. I went to and yes, the price is on point. Even their tee’s are $39.00! I think that’s crazy steep! I do actually look really cute in this top. It’s comfortable too so I shouldn’t complain. For $36.00 4 nice pieces is great! I think if my slippers hadn’t fallen apart I would like this box 1000X more. 



And a last look at my Wantable Intimates box!



So what do you think!?


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