December’s Sparaj box!

I love Sparaj boxes. Apparently I am not the only one because they are sold out until March. I was purchasing them one at a time although you can buy a subscription. Sparaj boxes are $40.00 a month and are one of the pricier spa boxes.Sparaj Box includes a hand picked mix of wellness products selected from grassroots artisans unique to Asia. I have this slight obsession with all things Asian. I am genuinely disappointed I did not order a longer subscription. But money is tight for me right now, so what can you do!

First look at December’s box was adorable! It was wrapped so nicely and I kept the scrapbooking stickers!



So far the products that Sparaj sent out were packed in a small lovely tote bag. This month they were packed in a cloth backpack reminiscent of Santa’s bag!


The first item is by Soap Box and is called the Scent Of Bangkok.  It retails for 200 Baht at which comes out to   $6.11 USD. It is described as “Spicy Patchouli  complemented with refreshing Neroli and Cinnamon to create a sweet citrus smell that lasts on the skin for ages after you’ve washed. French red clay acts as a natural detox agent to help purify your skin.” I love the smell of this soap. It’s gorgeous and I don’t even want to open it, I just want to sniff it. (Creepy) But of course I will use this!


Included was this ‘Face It Nail Pack’ foil pack. I don’t like that this box included 2 foil packs, honestly. For the price paid I think they could have included a bit more.  This is a  paraffin treatment mask that you place over your fingers, leave on for 15 min, and massage into your hands to soften them. I haven’t tried this yet but I did receive something very similar from Birchbox that worked great. I do not have a price on this because they do not sell online to US. You can check out their website at They have such cute products I wanted to buy everything and couldn’t! Good thing for me though. I will estimate the cost of this to about $6.50 US based on the cost of the set I received from Birchbox. *UPDATE* Looking up The Face Shop on and I found so many products I want to buy. Oh lord. So so many.

The foil pack with the foot on it is by Nature Republic and is a peeling foot mask. It is a set of booties that you place on your feet for up to 90 minutes, rinse with warm water, and about a week later your foot calluses will fall off. I don’t know that I believe that! I haven’t tried it because my feet are in pretty good shape. Once it gets colder though I am sure I will appreciate this more. Again you can visit their website at but they do not sell from this site but I did find them on in a 5 pack. The value of one is $4.28.

*UPDATE 1/1/14 – I tried this foot mask last night. I left it on for about 60 min before it started to burn. I’m sure it’s supposed to but I started getting this weird feeling thinking like what the hell chemicals am I allowing to leech into my body!? My feet still feel weird the next day! They are tingling and kind of itchy. Maybe I’ll update again if I see any skin falling off…


The last item is this Botanique Candy Shop Diffuser. You can find it at but I couldn’t find a shop to buy it from.   It retails for 940 Baht or $28.72 US. I just looked that up so that brings up the value of this box more than I expected. I don’t want to open this! I haven’t yet because I am still full on my Popsugar box’s Barr Co diffuser. But I think I will feel guilty using this. It is so freaking cute. I have the box displayed on my desk just to look at! It’s all things candy and girly that I love.


So the products in Sparaj’s box totaled just over $45.00 and that is without the backpack. I supposed you can’t judge a product by it’s cover. Sometimes they are worth more than it seems. I was generally very happy with this box. I know I haven’t tried anything yet but that was in part that I was trying every product I could from every box this month! Boy they are starting to add up.


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