December’s Birch Box


Who doesn’t have a Birch Box subscription nowadays? 


For only $10.00 a month? And I really only consider it $5.00 a month because I always make sure to review my products so that I get my Birch Box points.


So I got these two hair masks in the pomegranate scent. I usually hate foil packets, but there are two, and they are fabulous. I have tried this brand’s non foaming shampoo through Beauty Army and I wasn’t fond of it. But these have changed my mind about the brand. My hair felt amazing after using this mask, and was the shiniest I’ve ever seen it. I would purchase these in a heart beat.




This lip pencil by Mally is $20.00 alone. So do you see why Birch Box is so worth having? Even when you have a bad month (which lately has been happening), one good month and make up for it! I love this lip pencil. It’s smooth, long lasting, and looks great with my skin tone. I am so so pale and this adds just a touch of color.


So the Skin & Co Truffle Serum is okay. It isn’t my favorite. It smells lovely but I felt like I needed to use a lot to actually moisturize my face. And I feel like there isn’t very much in the tube. Kind of deceiving. This product is expensive. $75.00 per ounce! Crazy! 

The Camille Beckman body is lovely. It’s strong but very feminine. Def no need to put on perfume while wearing this lotion. I have tried her Rose line (not my fave) through Go Go Girlfriend, and also the Mango Beach through the same service. I LOVE Mango Beach. It reminds me of my trips to Florida. It’s the perfect summer scent. Now that I think of it.. I should prob buy some soon. I don’t know that I would buy this scent, but I will buy from the brand, and I think that is Birch Box’s point, right!



You don’t even understand how excited I was to get this candle in my box! I had seen previews and I had my fingers crossed that I was getting this item. I could smell it the second I opened the box and I squealed out loud. I love candles. My home is filled with them and all things that smell good. Seriously.. I have 2 scentsy’s running at all times, a Bath and Body Work’s wall flower in every room, and at least 2 candles burning at all times that I am home. I love this candle. It’s bright and fresh and I immediately used my Birch Box points to purchase the full size. The great thing with Birch Box also is that for the month every product in your box ships free! So with my points and free shipping I only paid $7.00 for the large candle! Woohoo!

Seriously, Birch Box has redeemed themselves in my mind for the last few duds I got. 



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