Blue Apron

A couple of months ago  had an offer on  that for $30.00 you would get 3 meals delivered to your doorstep! This is a $59.95 value! And lucky you, this offered was just posted again today so go check it out!  Once you purchase it, you do have a couple of months before you have to pick your meals. Please be aware that this is a weekly subscription, so unless you cancel your account, you will be charged weekly 59.95 after your initial offer. You may also skip any weeks very easily by going to the delivery calendar and pressing “Skip this week”.  Please use my referral on Rue la la!

Initially the week I chose was Thanksgiving week. This dish was a maple glazed turkey breast with mashed yukons, green beans, and mistake mushrooms. It was delicious!


The second day was a seared salmon with candied oranges and a cranberry walnut stuffing. The salmon was such high quality but the stuffing did not turn out. The recipes from Blue Apron include onions but do not specify how much of the onion to use, So I thought when it said to chop the onion, it meant the entire thing. Yuck! The bread it included was teeny tiny and when I added the liquid, it became a sopping wet mess that did not recover. Sad, because the flavors themselves were very nice.


This was a lamb sausage and butternut squash soup. It was so funky and not a recipe I would have normally braved. But gosh, it was so good and made plenty of leftovers. Such simple and healthy ingredients packed with tons of flavor.

But.. this post isn’t about that first week. It’s about the second. At the time I didn’t realize I would be charged every week for a box. So I was a bit upset when I saw the $59.95 charge on my debit card. But I realized quickly how to skip so this wouldn’t happen again. Plus, when I saw the recipes for the week I was pretty excited. They all looked great!

So.. first looks!




Last week’s recipes included chicken sloppy joe sliders with home made pickles and a kale turnip slaw, african shrimp with couscous, and hanger steak with fried plantains, guacamole, and salsa verde.

Look at all the lovely ingredients! Everything comes packaged within ice packs and is wrapped up so as to not cross contaminate. This could sit on your front yard for hours and it wouldn’t go bad!



The first recipe I made was the chicken sloppy joes!


Home made pickles! O M G I never knew how easy these were to make, and they were so yummy! I will make these again!Image

Turnip and kale slaw with a lemon mayonnaise dressing. Even my fiancé loved this and he is not into salads at all!


Heating up ground chicken in a sloppy joe sauce! I have never tried ground chicken before, but it was so good!


And the final product! I saved this recipe and I will absolutely be recreating this recipe for years to come!


I didn’t take pics of the other recipes because honestly, I forgot. The hanger steak was amazing with those hot fried plantains! I did run into a problem with the salsa verde being completely runny and I ended up tossing that and just using the guacamole. I was cool with that because the guacamole was delicious! Also had another issue with onions! Too much onion! They really need to specify how much to use because at one point was picking them out and having a rough time with it. I will say the african couscous with shrimp was such a cool dish! I wish I had taken a pic of it, but we ate it so fast! I kept that recipe to recreate as well. It was surprising and different, interesting, and a perfect mix of spicy, sweet, and savory.


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