I’m back!

Back to blogging! I am no longer working for the company I was, so thankfully that stress and negativity in my life are gone. I am, instead, going to focus on school while working part time and hopefully being a much happier person. 

What you can expect to see as far as subscription boxes go.. obviously there will be a drastic change in my income so I did have to cancel quite a few. All of my food subscriptions are done: Naturebox, Skoshbox, Love With Food, and Explore The World. I also got rid of In a Pretty Box (worst service ever), Nerd Block, Splendies, and Elizabeth and James. 

So what is left!?

Okay there’s more than I thought that I kept.

1) Birchbox

2) Beauty Army (May skip a few)

3) Ipsy

4) Popsugar Must Have

5) Stitch fix

6) Glossybox

7) Blushbox

8) Sparaj (May skip a few)

9) Honest Company (May skip a few)

10) Escape Monthly

11) Ellie Fit (May skip a few.. or a lot, it’s pricy!)

Okay so that’s kind of a lot! hah 


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