Fall’s Limited Edition PopsugarMUSTHAVE box!

There was a huge buzz around PopSugarMUSTHAVE’s Limited Edition Fall box. It cost $100.00 to purchase and it was a no brainer for me. Each piece was wrapped up like a present and I tore into it so fast I didn’t even get pictures of the box itself. hehe.


There were several designs available of this Christian LaCroix notebook. I am happy with the one I was given! It’s well made and  so pretty. The cookies are by Beurre And Sel and are rosemary parmesan flavored. I tried the tiniest piece and had one of the worst allergic reactions to them. I should have known not to try them. Half of the ingredients I cannot even pronounce. Bad off the bat. Very high in calories. And they don’t taste good. They don’t taste bad either. They taste like thanksgiving dinner. But who wants to eat that in a cookie? 



On the left is Libraries of Flower’s bubble bath. This is huge! And it smells so pretty, floral, and delicate. I have loved using this! To the right is an exfoliating scrub. I am still finishing up my beloved Suki scrub before opening this one. But I am confident that this will be just as great!



My hand looks chunky and weird here but I couldn’t get a good angle on this ring! It is so pretty! And it actually fit! I didn’t expect that and I am so happy with this piece!



This is such a beautiful silk bag from Cynthia Vincent. It completely reminds me of fall and although I did see ones I would have liked maybe a tad more, I do still really love mine! I have already used this a few times!



And last but not least is my favorite item. A new Stila palette! I LOVE these shades! ALL of them. And I love that Stila included a booklet on how to put together looks using these shadows.  


So other than the cookies, this box was amazing! I would gladly give up 100.00 a month for a box with this kind of value. Too cool!


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