September’s Blush Beauty Subscription Box

For $24.95 Blush Beauty’s subscription box has proved to be a wonderful subscription service.


This set took up nearly the entire box. How cool is that!? A full facial care set! I couldn’t tell you how it is because I am going to give it to my mom for Christmas. I know she will love it!


 This month’s box included a full sized Amlactin Foot Cream. It has no scent but is very moisturizing. With winter coming up I am excited to have this around for my cold, cracked, and dry feet. The other item is a dry shampoo/hair powder. I haven’t used this because I don’t like the texture of powder. I don’t know why but I hate touching chalk, clay, powder..etc. It creeps me out.


I love Pop Beauty Lip Crayons! I have a few but none in this color. Very cool!

There is Anastasia gel mascara that I have been using on my brows because it is clear. Once I fill in my brows this keep every hair in place.

And last but not least is LVX’s polish. For some reason this picture shows it as a yellow shade, but it is actually a very bright lime green. It’s very summery to me so I haven’t worn it and am saving it until spring.

So what do you think about Blush Beauty’s Mystery Box?


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