Sparaj’s First (September) Box!



Taken from 

“Sparaj is a discovery service to explore new products outside of the US market. As purveyors of wellness products crafted from artisans across Asia, our focus is to discover grassroots community designers who apply their creative skills to combine eco-friendliness and artistry in product design. Each month, Sparaj will prepare a custom gift box that will include a mix of wellness products unique to Asia.

In adherence to our vision of building a more cosmopolitan world, Sparaj also shares noteworthy destinations and travel insight to inspire others to explore Asia.”


September marked Sparaj’s first month as a subscription box. I signed up the second I heard about it because I love products from Asia. I have a slight obsession and I would give anything to go to China or Japan.  (But Europe is on the list first since Tony has never been!) As you can see, Sparaj sent all of their products in this lovely tote bag. 




The first thing I noticed when I opened my tote bag was the overwhelming smell. It was strong. The culprit is this hot ball. You place it in the microwave and it soothes your sore muscles. This ended up being almost everyone’s favorite item. For me, I had to throw this away. I got so sick from the smell I was dry heaving for an hour after using it. I have a very sensitive sense of smell and this is not Sparaj’s fault. Some scents just make me sick. I use a rice bag to soothe my muscle aches and it’s very similar to this item so I can say that items like this do work.



This beautifully packaged duo smells fresh and lightly like lemongrass.  It is a body wash and moisturizer. I absolutely love this product! The packaging and details of it all are wonderful.



Could this soap be any more pretty? I haven’t opened it yet. I don’t have the heart to. I just want to look at it awhile longer.



This is a small diffuser. It is so gorgeous! The flower detail at the top is stunning. I haven’t used this yet either as I have the Barr Co. diffuser already opened from the Popsugar box this month. But I am so excited to use this.



How cute is this facial cleansing set!? This little set comes with a small towel, Rosewater Toning Mist,  Rosehip and Tea Tree Face Cleanser, Replenish Face Serum, and an exfoliator. It smells wonderful. The mist is awesome.

Anywho. So this is Sparaj’s first box. It was amazing. I cannot wait to see what they have in store for their next one. I don’t know if they can top it! Every detail of this box was amazing.


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