September Ipsy Bag!


I didn’t take a photo of the bag itself. I also didn’t take a ton of pictures of my September Ipsy bag because I didn’t really enjoy this months. Above are my favorite products from September’s Bag. These are paper masks and I have never tried them before. I have used other products by this brand, though, and I love them. They smell great and are refreshing.



So I ended up with this weird nude shade of lipstick from the brand J. Cat. Remember when they sent us that lovely glitter palette that looked like eye shadow but wasn’t supposed to be used on the eyes? Yes, Ipsy, let’s drop this brand. The lipstick is hideous.

I also got a shade of eyeshadow from NYX. I have never tried this brand before and it’s been picking up popularity because it’s cheap I guess. But boy.. it is cheap. The shade I got is a blackish grey shimmer. It has no pigment to it. It didn’t build up after every swipe and when it was on.. paired with the lipstick. Tony looked at me and said I look like a gypsy. It was so horrible. I was laughing and I tried to get a photo but I looked so ugly I couldn’t bare to post it. The shadow and lipstick are resting peacefully in a landfill somewhere.

There is a also a mascara and black eyeliner. I am cool with those. At least I can use them.

So yeah. Kind of a bummer month, especially when I saw people getting Butter London polishes and what not.



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