My First Honest Company Box!


It was dark and rainy when I took this picture so I apologize for the gloominess.

I finally gave in and ordered an Honest Co. essentials bundle.  Here is an invite link if you would like to join! But please, look up promo codes because there are always some laying around on the internet for you! At the time I ordered I had gotten  a promo code and ended up with the candle for free. I spent 35.00 on this bundle.

Now, I was completely on the.. ‘Wow this is an expensive bunch of cleaning supplies so I won’t give in and purchase’ bandwagon. For months. Seriously. But.. I don’t like all these chemicals we are surrounded by constantly. It bothers me that I can’t read half of the ingredients in most products and that I am covering myself in them and ingesting them. And I don’t even know what they are. I think if I can cut back some of my use of chemicals I will be a healthier person.


I will admit the Fruit and Veggie Wash is one of the main reasons I tried this company. I was at the store looking for a wash and they were all expensive anyway ( Roughly 8.99 each ) so considering the bundle is 35.00.. why not try it. I love this wash and I could SEE the difference on my apples. They weren’t waxy and glossy anymore. I felt better about it.

The candle is a citrus scent and is absolutely lovely. Not to mention, beautiful.


I wish I could say I have tried the Stain Remover, however, I am not that messy! Hah. I do need this on occasion though so hopefully it works! It’s a huge bottle! My only complaint with Honest Co. is that I was only sent one spray pump for 2 bottles? I don’t understand that. Also the one that I was sent leaks.. so that kind of blows. The bathroom cleaner works well and I have used it all over.


This is a nice scrub brush with porcelain dish that sits on your sink just waiting for you to make a lasagna. It sure makes cleaning the pan so much easier. And it’s cute 🙂  Now I also got their detergent which I have been using all week. You can see it in the top picture. It’s a huge bottle and is unscented. But I enjoy it! My clothes are soft and still smell fresh a bit.

So there you have it. I love Honest Co. more than I had thought. The products have been wonderful, and even though they are pricey, I feel they are worth it. I may not get a bundle every month. But once in a while I will!


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