September’s Nerdblock Launch Box!


Let’s all welcome newcomer Nerdblock to the ever growing list of monthly subscription boxes. Nerdblock is a once a month subscription that is $19.95 plus shipping (depends on your area). For me it was about $29.50? About that. Nerdblock features a different tee shirt every month, and the great thing is you can pick from a variety of sizes. Including women’s sizes! I picked a male medium because that way either my fiance or I would fit in it just fine.


This tee shirt brings me back to my youth. I loved gremlins but I only watched it while they were the cute version, then I’d get scared and turn it off. 🙂  Gizmo was such a cutie toots. This shirt is nice. I’m overall happy with it!


Big Bang Theory Mystery Box!! I got Sheldon! This tiny little guy was my favorite thing in this box, honestly. But that is because I love Big Bang Theory and spend hours watching it on rerun. My fave character is Amy 🙂


Honestly.. not sure what or who this is. Plus it’s teensy!


Wacky packages are reminiscent of the 80’s and are stickers of gross products. It reminded me of being a kid!


This Pop figure is Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! I wish I had gotten a more recognizable character cause if I have this on my desk people are going to be like… WTF is that? lol. But I kinda like him 🙂

Soooo. There ya have it! I am for sure going to be subscribing at least one more month before I decide whether or not to keep this subscription.  I think Nerdblock really did their best to appeal to both sexes which I can totally appreciate! I wish someone would make a nerd subscription specifically for us geeky gals (I personally lean towards anime more so then comic books)  but until then.. this one will suffice.  🙂 Great job, Nerdblock!


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