September’s ‘Try The World’ Subscription Box

Image“Try The World” is a bi-monthly gourmet food subscription featuring a different city from around the world. This is the first box launched featuring Paris. In November I will receive my 2nd box featuring the city Tokyo. This subscription is 45.00 per box. 



I really loved the Tiffany blue colored tissue wrapping.



At first glance.


Right on top was a bag filled with cards welcoming me to the program, explaining each item in depth, explaining French music, art, and movies, and also a post card pre-stamped to send to someone.



The contents of the box spread out.



Alain Milliat’s Jams in Wild Blueberry and Apricot. These samples are small, and lasted about 3 slices of toast each. They were delicious but they do taste like the jams sold at farmer’s markets. 


On the right is Les Confitures A L’Ancienne’s Hot Chocolate Powder. I am drinking this as I type. It’s cold out and has been raining for hours so today was the perfect day to try this out. I love that this dissolved completely unlike some hot chocolates where you get chunks of powder in your mouth. To me, it tastes like truffles in cocoa powder. It isn’t sweet except for the first tiny taste in the beginning and has almost a bitter after taste. However, I love it. I would have to say it is my favorite item in the box.

To the left is Palais Des Thes’s fine teas. There are 5 different flavors included. A lot of the ingredients in these teas are Asian or from Asian recipes. Kind of confusing to me and doesn’t make me think of Paris. I haven’t had the chance to try any yet because it’s been warm until today but I am excited to try “Fleur de Geisha” – “A Japanese green tea delicately evoking cherry blossom.” 



To the left we received two of Chabert and Guillot’s Nougat bars. I am from Europe and grew up eatting nougat but I have to say it is one of the most cloyingly sweet candies there is. I ate about 1/2 of one over the last week, literally taking a half bite a day because of how sweet it was. I may gift the 2nd bar because I’m not sure I can handle it.

On the right is Clement Faugier’s Chestnut Spread. This is a sweet puree of chestnuts used as a topping or spread on croissants. I tried this on toast. It was very sweet. I expected the texture to be like peanut butter, but it was almost like a frosting texture? Hard to describe. Although I like that it is different, something I have never tried and love the opportunity to, I wouldn’t purchase this.



On the right is a small box of Maison D’Armorine’s Salted Butter Caramels. There were only 5 small candies in this. They were soft and alright but nothing special. My fiance thought there was something ‘off’ about them, and he thought they were spoiled. I’m not sure about that.

To the left is a small sack of Brittany’s Fleur De Sel (Flower of Salt). I think this is the most interesting and highest valued piece in this box. It’s an artisanal salt coveted by chefs all over the world. It has no additives or chemical treatments. This is a small bag but it really had a large serving in it. I think it will last quite a long time because a little goes a long way. I really enjoyed this sprinkled on some veggies. And I’m excited to try it in recipes.

So that is it for Try The World- Paris. I am going to get at least the next box to see if I want to keep the subscription. I do think this was very pricey and I’m not sure the value of this box. I think for me, personally, it is too expensive for what you get. I think a small kitchen item or personal item would have added some value. These samples were very small for 45.00. 




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