August Birchbox


Dear Birchbox,

When I signed into your service recently I was given a survey to help you better select items for me. I, to the best of my ability, chose correct options based on my skin and skin tone, etc.

I checked off that I have oily skin, oily hair, and very pale skin. 

So WHY is it that I only receive moisturizers, hair smoothers or oils, and the brightest god damn lipsticks on earth? (I got one last month also)

I can only use one item in this box. Granted the value is $9.50 which almost covers the cost of the box. But that isn’t the point! What on earth when you check off oily not to mention that I checked off I am prone to break outs (due to OIL!) would possess them to send me moisturizer, bb cream, and cream based products EVERY month.

Yes I am ranting and raving like a lunatic. It’s just very frustrating because it doesn’t seem like rocket science to me. 

And that lip stick.. makes me look like Ronald Mc Donald. No lie. It’s ridiculous.


And one last rave.. for all you people on a Juice Beauty kick.. haven’t you noticed that their products smell terrible!? I’ve tried 4 products by them and this moisturizer smells like bug spray, the face spray smelled like rotting dandelions, and the quality isn’t really that great. I get that they are all natural and that’s cool.. but it doesn’t make them good. : /   alright I’m done.


Birchbox.. I want to break up. 



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