I know I am not the only person that gets suckered in at Target. ImageI think I am prepared for my new job. A planner, magnetic calendar, notebooks, folders, and snacks. 

ImageOh yeah and then there are their racks of awesome random clothes… I also got a matching pair of pajama bottoms I am rocking at the moment.


I ended up at my fave little gift shop also and scooped up this amazing owl print for my living room wall. And yet another candle called Meditate by Root candle company. This line of candles include Energize, Relax, Seduce, etc. They really put you in the mood. This scent is amazing and is filling up the room as I type. I feel very.. clear minded 🙂

If only I could get a picture of what else I bought. I stopped at Petco and picked up a mouse on a stick that makes noise, you hang it off of a door and my cat is going insane! She is so mad at me because she can’t get the mouse. I’m cracking up.





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