I Do, Glossybox



Recently I received the exclusive Glossybox ‘I do’ bridal box. And yes.. I am getting married soon so it was totally fitting. It’s been hard for me to keep up with reviews because I am subscribed to so many boxes but I finally have had the chance to try all of the items. I don’t believe in reviewing items based on first impressions without trying them at least once.

ImageIf memory serves me right this box cost about $40.00. All of the products are full sized and it includes one bonus item exclusive to Glossybox. The value of this box is over $100.00 so I was very impressed!

I haven’t done any individual pictures so apologies for that. I guess I will steal them from their respective web sites… here goes.

ImageThis eyeshadow and liner is a lovely bronze color and the shadow is cream based. so I can’t use it on my entire lid but looks beautiful smudged under my lash line. Wonderful product. Value- $25.00

ImageTo finish your eyes they included a Bellapierre Volumizing Mascara in black. I didn’t care for this at all. I have huge eye lashes and this mascara ended up making them stick together, looked shorter than normal, and didn’t dry quickly enough. I ended up with it on my eye lids and it was messy. No good. Value- $26.00

ImageEmite Make Up has it right. This is too cute. And functional. These work great. Enough said! Value- $15.50 6 pieces

ImageA great product I will talk about next is Naobay Moisturizing Facial Peel. It smells very lightly of citrus and is milky in appearance with just a bit of grit to it. It does exactly what it claims to. Exfoliates and cleanses and I love it and will be happy to finish this bottle. Value- $20.00

The last two items I can’t find a suitable picture of. There is Biolage’s ExquisiteOil Replenishing Treatment that you can use before, during, or after a shower. I used it before shampooing and when my hair dried it looked so gorgeous! It was shiny but not oily and so soft!! I am so happy with this product! Value- $22.00

And last but not least is the bonus Show Bows made for Glossybox. It doesn’t list a value but they are pink and cute and truly I don’t see a need for them..Just a cute extra I guess. Hopefully I can think of someone that would like them.







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