Online Shopping

Vault is a shopping site I frequent because.. well quite frankly they send me $25 credits at least once a month for no reason. I’m not sure if this goes for everyone but why wouldn’t you sign up or their email list? Just click my pic and it’ll take you where you need to go. You do have to spend $35 to take off the $25 but shipping is always free! I scan their sale sections and always find something I like. I scored this decorative pillow for $15 and I LOVE it. It’s so cute! I usually go for nail polish or body scrubs, bath salts..etc. But I couldn’t pass this up. Plus I know Ill get more credits next month. The shipping is always fast and the customer service is great. I’d highly recommend this site!

Online Shopping
And the backside!

And the backside!


2 thoughts on “Online Shopping

    • All you do is create an account with a valid email, somewhat like Hautelook or Gilt, and at least once a month I get an email saying they have added $25 credit to my account. Like I said I have to spend $35 but paying $10 is worth it! I think they consider it like a promo to get people to by stuff 🙂 They only last a couple days but there is so much to pick from I use them right away every time 🙂

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