Little Black Bag

Do yourself a favor and check out Little Black Bag (click my pics for the link!)

This is an interactive buying site and one like I’ve never seen. It’s so cool and innovative!     The price varies depending on what you buy but it is considered a subscription service where $9.95 is taken out of your banking account, but a $10.00 credit is added to your shopping account to put towards any item. Does that make sense? I hope so! Then you get to pick an item of your choice out of hundreds that vary between cost $12-$250. You can purchase that one item at a set (discounted) price.. OR you can bundle and save. This means that Little Black Bag will select between 1 and 3 additional items for you to up the value of your bag. You don’t get to see what those items are until you check out. I checked out with 4 items and my total was 43.00 ( I did use a promo code that is now inactive).  I received $282.00 worth of products! I originally was given a Kenneth Cole red handbag in place of the clutch you see pictured. I hated it. This is where it gets cool.. before your order ships you can trade your items with other members of the community to customize your order! Thankfully someone wanted to trade and I ended up with this awesome leather Steve Madden clutch, this huge Deux Lux handbag, The Dye hair ties, and Pixi cream eye shadow! I am so happy with what I got! And I saw a ton more stuff I wanted. The shipping was quick as well. I didn’t take a pic of the box when it came because I was so excited I tore into it! haha 




I do have to say you can’t see the great color of these bags from my pics. It’s very gloomy out today so the lighting was bad! The colors are more minty and vibrant! 🙂


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