A girl of many talents..

A girl of many talents..

Oh yes. I love coupons. I’m not one of those crazy couponers and although I do have a stock pile, it is of non perishable items, beauty products, and paper products.

I love taking advantage of CVS’s customer care card and also Walgreen’s Customer Rewards card. The items above were purchased using those.

This week if you scanned your CVS card at their Kiosk you got a coupon for a free package of paper towel. I paired that with a $3.00 extra bucks coupon that I received via E-mail and bought 3 packages of Kleenex for free! The Kleenex was on sale for .99 this week! I did have to buy a pack of gum because there was overage. But I love gum so it’s no biggie!

Then I headed over to Wal-Greens because Quilted Northern was on sale for 3.50 for 9 rolls. I used 2 1.00 coupons making it 5.00 for both packages. THEN.. I used a 5.00 rewards card balance to make those totally free! 🙂 The pruning sheers and water bottle were on sale for about a buck each! So I paid only about 4.00 for everything you see above! Not bad, huh?!


6 thoughts on “A girl of many talents..

    • I had a food stock pile for a long time and realized I couldnt go through the items before they expired so I ended up throwing a lot away and donating the rest. At this point I do stock pile noodles when I have coupons for them cause I can use em in everything. But other than that.. laundry detergent and TP works best! haha 🙂

    • CVS is my fave to coupon at. Their machine gives you so many coupons in store, they email me extra cash coupons on any purchase, the store associates LIKE coupons and aren’t assholes about them, and the sales are great there. I’d highly recommend giving them a shot. Try CouponDivas.com, click CVS at the top, and every week they post how to get the best deals for your money! 🙂

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