Birchbox Points Haul

Birchbox Points Haul

All of my goodies.

One thing you will see missing from my blog this July is a Birch Box unboxing post. That’s because this month my box was incomplete and so instead I was reimbursed my $10.00 in the form of Birch Box points. I’m okay with that because I had some saved up already to use.

Dr. Jart’s Pore Penetrator $24.00 from Birch Box’s site How It Works: “Ingredients from Mother Nature such as grapefruit extract and willow bark penetrate pores and eliminate dead skin cells, leaving your face glowing and feeling fresh. Olive oil conditions skin, while licorice root calms and purifies your complexion.” This line of products is pricey and I chose the least expensive option to try before investing in the rest of the line. I have huge pores. Like craters they are scattered across my cheeks and forehead and if I could change one thing about my skin… yes that would be it. So I tried this product today and it is great so far. I do think I will need to use it more than once to see a huge result.. but the fact that I see any result after one use is impressive. More so on my right side the pores have shrunk already on my cheeks. If I see further results I will be buying the rest of this line and it may replace almost all of my skin care products. No joke.

That took care of my Birch Box points right there but I also had to get myself a lil something extra.

I chose the Jurlique Rose Love Balm for $6.50 because I had seen so many rave reviews. They say this is a multi purpose salve for cuticles, lips, elbows, etc. I tried this on my lips and hated it immediately. I can’t believe anyone could stand this on their lips. It’s a very artificial rose scented product and strong. I will def. use this on my elbows, knees, and parts that are far away from my nose. Gotta be honest.. Burt’s Bee’s Miracle Salve is far better a product that this one.

I also bought two packages of Hail Merry Choco Macaroons for $5.00 each also after reading great reviews. These.. are a huge waste of money. They are gluten-free, vegan, blah blah “healthy”. But very high in calories (130 for 2 pieces) and tiny to boot. I don’t hate them.. I just don’t love them and think they were worth it. I will eat them since I paid for them. eh.

The other 3 small items were free samples. I got a Color Club polish from the Wander Lust collection that was seen in June and July’s box. This color was generally hated because mostly the others were so pretty that those who got this semi-dull shade were jealous. I love this color because I think it is great on feet during summer and I’m rocking it on my toes as I type. I also think it is a great base color to do some pretty cool nail art. The purple tie is a head band. These are becoming very popular because of the fact that they do not tear your hair out. I love these and will never complain if they are in any box I get. In fact, if there was one in every box I get..I’d be happy. The extra sample is Benefit’s ‘Cha Cha Tint’. It’s a mango lip and cheek stain. Lovely color but don’t get it on your lips. It tastes TERRIBLE. I have tried other stains and they all seem to have that problem but the outcome is lovely so I keep using them. They truly do work and this color is peachy and pink and beautiful.


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