July Ipsy Bag!

July Ipsy

Everyone was so stoked about July’s Ipsy Subscription Bag w/ a beach theme. After getting the bag I am pretty ‘eh’ about it.

I received a .23 oz Coola Face Mineral Sunscreen that is cruelty free and made in the USA! This turned my skin a very odd color :/ And boy was I shiny! I’ve read this doubles as a primer and I did see the effects of that, but for me I had to put a powder primer over and also a face powder to get back to a normal skin tone. I was almost piglet pink with this on! I would not buy this product but I will use it on my neck and shoulders until it runs out.

There is a 1.7 oz bottle of Healthy Sexy Hair ‘Soy Renewal Beach Spray’. This has argan oil in it and is made in the USA! I was so excited to try this but I ended up hating it. I have oily fine hair so this added so much oil to my hair that I had to wash it out. It had a funky thick greasy texture that weighed my hair down. Not cool.

Everyone seemed to get one item that was different in each bag. For me this was a 1 oz Dermae Microdermabrasion Scrub that is all natural, cruelty free, paraben free, and Made in the USA! This is an okay scrub, but nothing to write home about. It has a lemon scent and does its job but it will never replace my Suki Exfoliating Scrub. At least this is something I will happily use up. 🙂

I got a PopBeauty Pouty Pop Crayon in ‘Coral Crush’! Wow I have never used this brand before but I may have to try out more of their products. I have a small mascara that I haven’t opened yet but will be today just to try! This is the longest lasting lip crayon I have ever used. It lasted my entire work shift last night. That has never happened before! The color is a bit bright but I still love it! Very excited about this product. I am tempted to order the entire set!

And last was a set of BH Cosmetics eyeshadows in ‘Hollywood’ (purple), ‘San Francisco’ (copper), and ‘Malibu’ (gold). These were great! I liked all the colors and they have staying power! This is a great product and I will prob hit pan soon!

I still love my Ipsy, it may even be my fave subscription box of all, especially for it’s price vs value. Only $12 a month! You can’t beat that.

Here’s a swatch pic! The lip pencil is the bottom swatch.

Top to bottom 'Malibu', 'San Francisco', 'Hollywood', and 'Coral Crush'

Top to bottom ‘Malibu’, ‘San Francisco’, ‘Hollywood’, and ‘Coral Crush’


4 thoughts on “July Ipsy Bag!

      • Wow cool 🙂 I bet Charlotte is much nicer, I have heard so many wonderful things about it! It has been a sad summer here. Mostly cold until about 1 1/2 weeks ago when it started hitting near 100 with 100% humidity :/ yikes. Id rather be there!

    • So funny, I had read your post about it drying your hair out, and I was almost excited about that lol because my hair is SO oily. So I sprayed it everywhere haha and then it was like almost having wax/pomade in..it was so gross! 🙂

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