Gift Shop

Gift Shop

This morning my mother and I went to my fave little gift shop because they were advertising their annual sidewalk sale. Found a couple goodies! I try hard to support local businesses. We just had a Wal-Mart built nearby and no one was happy about it. Although I have been there a few times because darn those prices are good :/

Anyway the candles are by the company Root and are called Energize. The scent description is Rosemary Eucalyptus and it is heavenly. I smelled all the others in the line and they are equally as amazing. I wanted to buy the entire line but they are pricey! They have a wooden wick and are all natural Made In The USA. Yet another plus for me! Check out for their summer clearance sale!

Update:So I used one of these candles this evening and now know that they only last one hour! How disappointing. I am keeping the wax and will make my own candles from the leftover wax so it doesn’t end up being a complete waste of money. The smell is insane though so if I can make my own candles out of the leftover wax I may consider buying these again. But I think this is the shortest any candle has ever lasted on me and is one of the most expensive on top of it.

The notebook with the black cat on it is from Bottman Design Inc. at based out of Salt Lake City UT. This notebook is call a matchbox book because it opens the same way a matchbook would. So Cool! Their site has some really great products!

The small notepad was my free gift and is by ‘Primitives by Kathy’ and fits my personality to a tee!

There is something about tiny fun things that makes me super happy!


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