Mail Call!

Mail Call!

Last month Sam’s Club paired up with P&G to create a sample box available only to Sam’s Club members. I quickly signed up and 3 weeks later. Here we are!
It includes Downy Unstopables- an in wash scent booster in ‘fresh’. These are awesome and if they didn’t cost so much I’d buy them constantly. They make such a difference in the way laundry smells. I save these samples to use on my bed sheets!
Also 1 Tide Pod. I have never used detergent pods before but this one is an HE brand so that is good. My machine recommends I use HE detergents. I didn’t realize that before I stocked up on random brands while coupling, so hopefully I get through my laundry without a castastrophe.
There is 1 Mr.Clean Magic Eraser, these are a gem. I use them to clean the shower and they work magic, hence the name.. they weren’t kidding!
There is a package of 2 Bounce Dryer sheets, that I love. The smell is awesome and long lasting.
And a Swiffer Duster Starter Kit. It’s a small handled duster that will be perfect to clean my tv and book shelves.

Cannot complain considering I did not pay a dime!


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