I’ve Moved!

I’ve Moved!

I have a brand new blog address. I hope you’ll still follow me there! 


I’m alive.

I miss my blog. It was like my baby for a bit. But I am still without a camera. Hoping to get a brand new fancy one for my birthday next month. Then I can start back up without being so frustrated. I have so many things I would like to share and it’s sad not to be able to. 

Oi Vey

My camera seems to have broken. I shouldn’t be surprised. I did pick the 2nd cheapest camera. Literally that is all that influenced my decision. 

Any advice on a camera good for blogging, not too complicated, high resolution, and affordable (couple hundred is fine) please let me know. I’d appreciate it!

Until I get something I may have a couple posts but I def am going to miss most of the box posts this month. 


My Name Necklace



In February’s Beauty Box 5 there was a $10.00 code for MyNameNecklace.com and usually most codes given in subscription boxes aren’t worth it but I always try to check them out just in case! The $10.00 code went a long way this time. I was able to get a necklace for only $7.95 shipped. And it’s Barbie pink. 

I couldn’t resist.



This necklace came in the cutest box, shipped quickly and for free, and was really well made! Very happy for the code and the opportunity to rock this!

J’Adore Influenster Voxbox

It has been awhile since my last Vox Box! I can’t tell you how excited I was to be included in receiving February’s J’Adore Vox Box dedicated to love. It was a perfect fit from the get go! I received this box complimentary for reviewing purposes. You will have to excuse the horrible photos! I was so excited for this I just started tearing into it and it was late at night on Valentine’s day so it was quite dark out.

This box was huge and heavy!


The first look was promising! And boy was it stuffed full.


The first thing I saw were these eye lashes by Kiss. I love false eye lashes and I have no issues wearing them in my day to day life. I bartend on Saturdays so these are going to get worn there. Just gotta bat those eye lashes and the money starts rolling in!Image

A full sized John Freida Frizz Ease was included also, this is to use with a flat iron to prevent damage. I love products like these but I have not tried this one yet because I have a few other open bottles. I have no doubt this will be outstanding as I have loved every other John Freida product I’ve tried.Image

There was also a full sized Men’s Vaseline Spray Lotion. Why oh why did this have to be the mens version!? hah. I have been wanting to try this lotion for so long but didn’t know what to expect! I used this on my fiancé’s back and rubbed it in for him. It was great but he said it was freezing to use a spray like that. I bet in summer this would feel better.


This Botanics face mask was prob the one item I was most excited for. I love face masks and am always looking for that holy grail mask. This one, sadly, was not my holy grail. I went to use and did not realize it but this was as watery as it gets. It sprayed everywhere! My counters were covered in mud and I was irritated! I still tried it and have to say it is one of the most fast drying masks I’ve used. It was cleansing but nothing amazing.


Look at this huge bag of Hershey’s kisses! I was handing em out.. like candy. 😉 I also made a huge batch of peanut butter cookies with the hershey kiss on top. I brought them to work and they were gone gone gone by the end of the day. I also loved the Valentine’s themed wrapping. Looked so cute in my bowl.


And last but not least were 4 packs of Rose’s Tea. There were 3 caramel’s and 1 lemon chiffon. These are delicious. I love them. I never in my life thought I would love a dessert tea but wow. It made me feel like I was indulging and having dessert with no calories. That. is. amazing. There were a bunch of coupons included too so I can stock up!


What do you think? Aren’t you jealous!

February Beauty Box 5


This is my 2nd month with Beauty Box 5. It was a subscription that I was never really that wowed by before, but recently it seemed they’ve been featuring brands and products I enjoy. I purchased a one year subscription to save some money. Normally BB5 is $12.00 a month. You can click on my pictures to be taken to their site.


John Freida Touchably Full Shampoo’s & Conditioner’s. I don’t see value in these because I get tons of them free. But I do have a few weekend trips planned and these will be perfect to pack along.


Rockstar Nail Polish and Nail Polish Sprinkles. I also don’t see a lot of value here because I have heard such bad things about this set. I haven’t used it, and honestly.. it’s going in the swap pile. I love the color, but that is all.


This Aveeno Lavender Body Wash is already gone. I loved it. It was so relaxing and I need it in my life always. I will for sure be buying the full sized bottle. The mascara I have tried from Birch Box I believe in the past. I remember really liking it.


BB5 included a $10.00 off voucher for a personalized necklace. I wasn’t excited at first cause usually that means spending a ton more money. I had one box send me a $25.00 gift card and when I went to the site the cheapest item was $215.00! Well, this was different and I only had to pay shipping which was inexpensive! I wanna say maybe $7.00? If that.


It came in the cutest little box!


I know. It’s gaudy. But I freaking love it. I had to go with the neon Barbie pink.. had to. I’m so excited to wear this! hah.

February Birch Box


When I received my February Birch Box in the mail I was excited. I mean this thing was heavy which for Birch Box was a first. I couldn’t wait to dive in. I had no idea what I was getting. I know you can see what you are getting in most subscription boxes but I really love the surprise of it all. Birch Box is $10.00 a month (I bought one year to get one month free), and after you review your products you receive a $5.00 credit. So for me, I consider this a $4.00 a month subscription. Birch Box generally sells high end product which I love. Even though the samples aren’t always huge, they give me a great idea of what to expect when I’m ready to splurge.


Bain de Terre Passion Flower Shampoo and Conditioner. These are what was making my box heavy! The full sizes are $12.00 each. I don’t feel like doing my calculations to figure out the sample values right now but I will say these are big enough to last about 2 weeks. Which I am cool with. I won’t be buying them because although they smell great, they don’t do anything special for my hair.


I also got this small Ruby Wing Color Changing Polish. The full size is $10.00. I am prob going to swap this. I am not a fan of Ruby Wing.


The last 2 items are Joan Vass’s L’eau de Amethsyt ($75.00 full size) perfume and Previse Hydromilk. I don’t mind getting perfume samples in subscription boxes, I may be the only person that doesn’t mind it. I like being able to try out a perfume for a week, see if I get any compliments, and see if it irritates my skin. Then I either pass them on, order a full size, or throw them out. Total win. This was a very strong sweet floral scent that I felt was overpowering. I work in a small office and I’m pretty sure my coworkers senses would be offended by this perfume. I threw this one away. The Hydromilk is a small sample same in size to the Juara Candlenut cream I tried last month. I like getting moisturizer samples but this one is so small it doesn’t give me enough of an idea if I would want to buy the full scent. It covers half a leg. That’s not enough to judge something by or decide to spend $48.00 (!!) on. That’s a lot for moisturizer. I need a better sample to risk spending that kind of cash.

So although this wasn’t my favorite Birch Box, I got to nix a perfume off my try list, swap a polish for one I’d like better, and have 2 weeks of shampoos. Works for me!